Italian Renaissance
The Maserati Quattroporte
by Jay Akasie

Maserati designer Frank Stephenson likens the company’s new superluxury sedan to an athlete wearing a well-
tailored suit, ready for a night on the town. But everyone is still interested in what is underneath. In the case of the Quattroporte, it’s a 400-hp V-8.

Still, it is that well-tailored suit—the sleek, Pininfarina-designed exterior—that exudes the gran turismo racing heritage. The Quattroporte is the first Maserati designed by the legendary Pininfarina in a half-century—it was partnered with Ferrari for most of that time. But the two Italian car companies have joined forces, and along with sporting a new designer, Maserati is revving its engines with its recent reintroduction into the U.S. market.

After an absence of nearly two decades, the company is wooing Americans with its reincarnation of what many believe was the world’s first luxury performance sedan.
The car is, according to Stephenson, all about exclusivity—driving an exotic Italian sports car that nobody else owns. Given it elegant looks goods and European racing heritage, the auto aficionado will no doubt welcome the Maserati Quattroporte back with open arms.

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