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Not-So Secret Square

The first of at least two square-shaped drivers has been unveiled. Nike Golf has officially launched its SasQuatch SUMO (Super Momentum of Inertia) line of drivers. Each driver features the same yellow soleplates as the original SQ. The main difference between the SQ SUMO and the SQ SUMO 2, Nike Golf says, is that the SQ SUMO has a moment of inertia of 4950 while the SQ SUMO 2 features golf’s highest moment of inertia at 5300. Each SQ SUMO driver will begin shipping in mid-January with a suggested retail price of $359.99 for the SUMO and $479.99 for the SUMO 2.

Callaway Golf (NYSE: ELY) is expected to be the next company to introduce a square-shaped driver, this one featuring carbon composite materials. Look for Callaway to introduce that driver within the next several weeks.


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